The World When We Were Young

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An acrylic painting on canvas, this evocative, emotion suffused landscape is a part of my recent Seascape series.

The work was inspired by recollections of a place that I last visited as a teenager, on a school trip to look at coastal rock formations at Hartland Point in Devon. These formations were the jumping off point for the work, but working in my usual intuitive style, which involves letting the painting go off in unexpected directions depending on how it changes as I paint it, I realised I was more and more interested in the complex emotions and powerful recollections I have about that time in my life. The memories are largely happy ones,  but there is also a sense of yearning for the time that has passed between now and then. The rocks are undoubtedly still there, almost entirely unchanged from when I last laid eyes on them,  but the person that viewed them then has changed a great deal since then. That is the essence of what this painting tries to convey - the layers of rock and the sea washing against them becoming symbols of an emotional inner life.

The artwork is sold unframed. Acrylic paint and texture medium on cotton canvas. The painting is varnished with a UV filtering varnish that prevents fading.

Dimensions: Height 60cm, Width:90cm and Depth 2 cm.