About Me


An artist sketches on a beach.

Art has always been my passion, ever since I was a child, and it has remained that way throughout my life. It was really the only thing I wanted to do, but it was a long journey to get to the stage where I believed in my art enough to become a full time artist. I have finally reached that stage and now devote most of my time to creating in my home studio. 

These days I am primarily a painter - usually working in acrylic on canvas and board. In the past I did a lot of abstract photography as well, and lately my new favourite medium is collage. I am quite an eclectic artist - I wouldn't say I had one signature style. A love of colour and texture is one thing that seems to run across all the work I do, but in terms of style and theme it can go off in all kinds of directions - and frequently does! I am inspired by so, so many things - I am constantly looking closely at the world around me and using what I see as a basis for my work, but more than anything I think the theme that unites all my work is the inner life of the mind and the imagination. My work can have quite a dreamlike quality to it, or can be inspired purely by an emotion rather than anything concrete. I am also really interested in ideas of the sub-conscious and in things that happen by chance rather than in a planned-out way. All of these ideas make their way into my work and help make them the unique things you see here!

Prior to going full time as an artist I worked in education, and I love to teach other people about how to access their "inner artist" too! I believe everyone is an artist, and I also know that doing something creative regularly is a huge boost for mental wellbeing, so I am also passionate about facilitating others on their journey in creativity!