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An original acrylic painting on canvas, with a textured surface enhanced with texture mediums and collage elements.

This large scale painting creates a huge impact in a home, with its bold, unusual colour scheme and its strong visual motifs of two stylised figures painting in a   interior space. This composition is something that I have worked with in several ways in different works as it appeals to me and has taken on the character of a recurring motif. It began life as a sketch from life of my son sat on a beach towel sketching, but in this incarnation the beach towel has moved into an interior space (become a rug?). This playing with flat/three dimensional spaces, enhanced by the way the figures are painting on seemingly shallow surfaces creates an appealing ambiguity which adds to the overall energy of the painting. The painting explores the act of creation and the process that leads to it in a playful, energetic way. The very gestural and exuberant way paint has been applied to the surface all adds to the overall effect and creates a very striking work of art.

Dimensions: 120cm x 90cm x 2cm.