Ocean Floor: Sea Trail

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An acrylic painting on canvas, this small painting packs a lot of punch, with its calming blue background and sudden colour pop of pink. It is a part of my recent "Ocean Floor" series.

The work was inspired by the amazing variety of sea life to be found in our oceans.   These paintings are a celebration of the sea's ability to contain myriad life, to continually hold new surprises, and to have so much beauty and energy contained within it. Whereas the other two pieces in the series are bursting with lots of colours and details, this one is a more paired back, meditative approach to the same subject matter, with just the two "trails" suggesting a path through the inky ocean depths.

Like so much about the natural world we hold dear, these environments and creatures are threatened by climate change, so these paintings are also my exhortation to us all to nurture and treasure the ocean before it is too late.

The artwork is sold unframed. Acrylic paint and ink on cotton canvas. The painting is varnished with a UV filtering varnish that prevents fading.

Dimensions: Height: 40cm, Width:30cm and Depth 1.5 cm.