Conflagration (Framed)

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An acrylic painting on wooden board, already professionally framed to a high standard in a coloured frame.

This is an expressive, abstract painting that summons up a sense of being on a mission or quest - through a thick jungle and beset on all sides by danger and challenge, but persisting nonetheless. Like many of my paintings, it emerged spontaneously from my subconscious and reflects my psychological and emotional landscape, during a challenging time for us all. My artwork always comes from a place of hope and a belief that the human spirit can overcome any challenge and ultimately be successful. The contrast of dark and neon colours add to the sense of drama and mystery and make this an exceptionally eye-catching painting.

Size: 45 x 63 x 2 cm (framed) /  42 x 60 x 0.5cm (unframed image size)