The Hope Tree

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A large scale, super colourful and detail packed painting that really brings the "wow!" factor.

This image was intended as a love letter to trees and all the amazing things they bring to the world and provide us with. This is especially important in the light of climate change, and planting more trees represents a beautifully simple and positive thing that we can ALL do to protect our future. It was also inspired by an amazing community art project in some green space near my home, which a local artist created, and calls "The Wishing Tree". It's a tree where anyone can come and write wishes and leave homemade ornaments for everyone to see and enjoy. This sense of community, especially during the tough times we have all been through lately, is also something to cherish. In many ways this painting is a huge celebration it has the burstingly bright colours and joyful mood to prove it!

Materials : acrylic paint, texture medium and collage elements on canvas.

Dimensions: Height:76cm, Width:102cm, Depth:2cm