Moonlit Sea

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An acrylic painting on canvas, this dramatic artwork is a part of my recent Seascape series.

The work was inspired by recollections of the North Devon coastline where I grew up. During lockdown these vistas have become especially important to me as they represent a sense of openness and freedom, and have come to feel like the opposite of what we have been going through in the last eighteen months. This sense of oppression can be seen in the dark night sky and stormy clouds in this piece, but the shaft of moonlight out on the sea, and the restless, relentless movement of the waves suggest a landscape that cannot be constrained for long, and point to better times ahead.


The artwork is sold unframed. Acrylic paint and texture medium on cotton canvas. The painting is varnished with a UV filtering varnish that prevents fading.

Dimensions: Height:50cm, Width:60cm and Depth 2 cm.